Photograph taken by Delfino Sisto Legnani

Intern magazine is a forthcoming, bi-annual independent print publication concerned with interns and internships in the creative industries.

The magazine and this site have two main aims, the first of which is to provide a tactile showcase for the precocious talent currently working in these fields as interns or otherwise unpaid. Secondly, we are initiating a long overdue, frank debate about the current state of the intern culture and its potential implications in both the short and long term for the creative industries.

The intention is to empower interns through both facets of the publication. Drawing industry attention to the work of those we feature and existing as a useful resource to those currently involved in or on the precipice of internships are our means of doing so. In order to be effective on any level, intern magazine needs to be accessible, this will be reflected in the mix of features that we present, ranging from serious debate to casual observation.

While the creative industries are the focal point of the publication, this is not to suggest that unpaid internships are somehow endemic to them, far from it. We see these industries as a fascinating case study and our jumping off point for the debate. If you are at all compelled by the culture of unpaid work that exists in today's world then you will find something of interest in our pages.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign which saw Issue Zero sell out, Issue One is now the pipeline. This October, we invite you to "Meet the talent and Join the Debate".