At intern we believe that young people are the future

Our opinion is that an ongoing debate about internships is a necessity. Since 2013, we’ve provided a contemporary platform for the discussion, at the same time showcasing the work of emerging young creatives for whom the subject is of critical importance. To ensure that we are truly for and by the creative youth, all of our output is either by or features the people we represent.

Through a variety of perspectives we host a balanced, unbiased and frank discussion. Enabled by our open submissions policy and strong ties to the creative industries, intern strives to communicate the importance of thoughtful recruitment to those at all levels of all industries.

As such, each issue we invite industry leaders to share their opinions on the topic, widening the debate from all angles. Yet they will never be featured on our cover, as the stars of the magazine are its young contributors, who shape each issue with their ideas, insights and inquisitions.

All of our contributors are paid, a policy fundamental to the project and one that is enabled by our brilliant sponsors, who invest in and lend their support to equal opportunities in the creative industries through their backing.

Sold all around the world, intern prides itself on the diverse contributor base that each issue comprises of. We champion equality in all senses and take great pleasure in seeing the way that approach drives the discussion and aesthetic, issue by issue.