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Empower students by bringing our career-focused creative education services into your classroom

Since launching intern in 2013 we’ve worked with universities around the world to deliver innovative, engaging sessions, informed by industry experience, that help to prepare students for life in the professional realm. We work with educators like you, to help facilitate and deliver experiences that complement the plans you already have in place, energising students with engrossing, practical and applicable teaching that’s designed to get them excited about taking charge of their careers.

Our goal is to help your students, regardless of their perceived level, find the strategies and confidence to build a career that works for them. We offer talks, workshops, one-to-onesset live briefs and provide consultation services for your department, tailoring each session to meet your needs. If our standard packages below still don’t cover the topics or issues that you’re looking for help with, please get in touch so that we can devise something together.

Intern Magazine services for Creative Education and educators photograph by Robert Rieger


  • Off the beaten track:
    Defining your own internship experience
    We'll show students how their peers from around the world have circumvented the internship system to land great jobs. There's a lot of travelling and hustling, but in each case these creatives did something different and turned heads as a result.
  • How to:
    Drawing from our network of young creative freelancers, we've compiled some vital anecdotal wisdom, tips and tricks that will help students to forge an effective freelance career.
  • Terms & Conditions:
    A legal clinic for creatives
    Inspired by our Terms & Conditions event series, this session covers some of the essential legal points that every creative professional needs to be on top of. We'll cover IP, copyright, contracts and more in this eye-opening talk.


  • How to:
    Get a placement
    A comprehensive session covering a broad range of approaches to securing a work placement or internship. We’ll discuss the initial contact or application, how to prepare a portfolio, negotiating the terms of the role and ensure that students consider what they stand to gain from any placement that they undergo.
  • Out there
    Talking about your work effectively
    It's all well and good being awesome at what you do, but unless you develop the skills to tell the world how amazing you are, no-one is going to know. In this workshop, we'll cover three key elements of getting the word out. Covering pitching, networking and submissions, we teach your class some key hacks and winning strategies.
  • An indie mag in a day
    Fast-paced group concept work
    A session that works well with groups of all sizes, we guide students in groups through the process of developing a concept for an independent publication. By the end of the session, each team will have a brand, a cover design and initial business and marketing plan in place. Not bad for a few hours' work.
  • A plan for every vision
    Building the future that you want
    Allowing yourself to dream is the first step in any success story. It's a tough mentality to adopt sometimes, particularly within the university environment, so we invite students to write their vision for five years in the future and then help them to break that down into an actionable plan.
  • Time to get online
    How to become a webmaster
    Social media is all well and good, but employers want to dig a little deeper into a portfolio, so we're on hand to help your students put together a kick-ass website. We'll flag the common mistakes that drag the quality of sites down and help the class to understand what the most important elements of a personal website are.
  • Master doc
    One working file to rule them all
    Do your students panic when they're asked to send a digital portfolio to a prospective employer or client? We'll put an end to that, helping them to set up a system of documenting and presenting projects that oozes professionalism and allows maximum flexibility moving forwards.


  • Portfolio crits
    Feedback for groups of all sizes
    We can facilitate any creative class and reach out to our network to source specialists that offer the most value to your students. We believe in the power of feedback from young, emerging practitioners as students often engage well with relatable figures who are only a few years ahead of them.
  • Career advice
    For those who know what they want to do and those who don't
    Working out what it is that you want to pursue can be one of the hardest decisions for a student to make. Finding some direction can have a transformative effect on their studies, so if you want to get them fired up with some sessions with us, we're here to help.
  • Pro tips
    How to organise and manage time like a professional
    Time management is something that we've seen a lot of students struggle with, so during these sessions we identify some positive habits for the individual to adopt and schedule a progress check-in at a later date to ensure that they're on track.

Live briefs and consultation

  • Live briefs
    Collaborative briefs of varying length
    We work with institutions like yours to develop innovative briefs that demand a professional outcome from students, while ensuring that they get plenty of industry engagement during the project. These are completely bespoke projects and always turn out best when we start by learning more about you and your course.
  • Get to the point
    What support does your class need?
    We sweep in to find out what your students are most concerned about when it comes to their careers. We'll then provide you with a report and recommendations for sessions that can meet those needs. Bye bye lesson planning.

The Team

In his role as lecturer at Leeds Arts University, our founder Alec Dudson develops new sessions on a weekly basis, with and for his graphic design final year class that are focussed on getting them industry ready. Working within the university environment for three years, Alec is attuned to the challenges that can plague educators. Able to operate from both sides of the institution/industry divide, he devises, tests and refines many of our education services.

Lorna Pittaway specialises in developing sessions that are design and content-focussed. As our features editor, she curates our spotlight features and commissions writers, illustrators and photographers for our stories. Lorna can help your students to take their visual communication to the next level, preparing them for the demands of the professional landscape. She works alongside Alec on our large-scale education projects and excels in building confidence and ambition in students.

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Drop us a line if you'd like to hear more about any of the sessions above, or if you think we'd be able to help out with anything else. We're great at getting students to think about their future.

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