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Create genuine and lasting impact by connecting with our young, influential and creative audience

Illustration by Celia Jacobs for Intern

Our mission is to empower the next generation of creators, thinkers and doers through everything we do. By working with us, you’ll play a key and transparent role in our operation, providing the platform for us to commission emerging young creatives from our ever-expanding global talent network to tell stories and pass on advice that’s relatable and valuable.

This audience demographic is ad-savvy and understands every iteration of advertising, sponsored content and advertorial. We pride ourselves in creating content, products and experiences that have lasting value for them and we strive to make our relationships with our partners meaningful and valuable.

Work with us to develop and articulate your brand values, to take a stand against the issues that hold back young people of all backgrounds.

Collaborating with us means commissioning emerging, diverse, exciting and unique talent. Our audience knows that we pay everyone we work with, so your business is also an investment in the future that will resonate beyond the high-quality content produced. From written editorial to consulting, we offer a wide range of services and are always on the lookout for innovative, forward-thinking, purpose-driven brands to collaborate with.

Natasha Arselan of AucArt photographed by Clara Nebeling for Intern ©
Illustration by Michael Lester


  • Sponsorship
    Help to build and support our vibrant community
    From content, to campaigns, events to scholarships we've got big plans and you can work with us to bring them to life. Sponsorship deals give your brand visibility across our platform and we're always open to exploring new ways to collaborate.
  • Content co-creation
    Tell stories for and by the creative youth
    We collaborate with you to craft stories that bring unquestionable value to our readership and help to position you as an ally and supporter of the next generation of creatives. Across editorial, podcasts and film, we produce content focussed on work, transparency, diversity, community and creativity.
  • Event production
    We'll bring our community to you
    Want to bring our audience together IRL? No problem. We put together events of any size and are currently working on bringing some of our bigger in-house concepts to life. Come down and join us to see what we can do.
  • Talent sourcing
    Get access to our global network
    Our international network consists of over 500 of the most exciting, emerging creatives out there. If you're looking for exciting, new, diverse voices or talent for your latest project, get in touch. If you want them to work for free, fuck right off.
  • Consulting
    Find out how your brand can better engage young creatives
    We're always reaching out to both our readership and our network of contributors for feedback and insight. If you're looking to engage with a young creative audience, we can help you to define key points for that strategy and offer advice on projects of any scale or nature.

Our Clients

We work with forward-thinking brands and institutions who value our young, creative and influential audience. Brands who are transparent, diverse, creative and community-focused are an ideal fit.

Case study: Ace & Tate

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