How to use LinkedIn as a creative
– 5th October 2020

LinkedIn for Creatives

Building and nurturing a network that serves your needs and generates leads.

LinkedIn can seem like a pretty strange platform to navigate as a creative, particularly if you’re just getting started on it or are returning after a lengthy hiatus.

Our view is that it’s a useful tool for building your network, regardless of what stage your career is at and that if you are thoughtful and strategic in how you use it, then you can reap the rewards.

In this hour-long Q&A where Alec answers questions from you, our wonderful community about navigating LinkedIn as a creative, covering, amongst other things:

  • Why LinkedIn is an important place to be as a creative
  • How to write a bio that will get attention
  • Hashtag strategy
  • What to post if you don’t want to brag
  • How to share your portfolio
  • How to post your projects
  • Growing a company page
  • Attracting headhunters
  • Getting a particular company’s attention
  • Building and nurturing a network that serves your needs and generates leads

Watch the catch-up below and if you want to listen in while you get on with other work on your laptop or desktop, just open a new window to browse from instead of a new tab, that way, the video will play all the way through.



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We’re in the process of planning a new series of Extracurricular, so we’ll be back with more live videos and catch-ups soon. You can also drop in with us on October 5th at 18:30 BST over on The Design Kids, where Alec will be answering your questions about pricing your graphic design work. Send your question in via TDK’s Instagram stories now.

How to use LinkedIn Illustration by Julia Zass for Intern magazine ©

If you’d like to read Alec’s piece on LinkedIn, which contains his eight top tips, click here. If on the other hand, you just want to cut through the BS and learn how to price your work, you can check out and enrol on our online course ‘The Price is Right’ here.

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