Issue Two

Cover photograph portrait of Jordan Victor-Harrison by Yuvali Theis from the series Fashion’s Other Faces. The series features interns working at an array of fashion magazines in the UK.


The Cool Bus: Betty Rosen meets the five friends who, rather than working unpaid internships in NYC, converted an old school bus into a mobile design studio and travelled the US. The experience had its challenges, but had a profound effect on their fledgling careers.

The Lost Generation: Inspired by all the offers of unpaid work that flood in to Well Made Studio, Gemma Germains makes a passionate case against saying you will work for free.

Casting Jessica Walsh: Our NY design reporter Anne Quito swings by Sagmiester & Walsh to quiz Jessica Walsh on her stance on internships. Having famously turned down a job at Apple to intern at Pentagram, Jessica has masterfully negotiated her career to date.

Jean and Toufan: We meet Jean Jullien and his ex-intern turned collaborator Toufan Hosseiny to discuss how the renowned illustrator made a paid internship with a fashion focussed design student work.

Limbo: In a brilliant photo essay from Luisa Martelo, a generation of disenfranchised Portuguese graduates who have to live with their parents due to bleak employment prospects are stunningly captured.

Making It in Germany: Nick de Taranto proposes a number of things that we can stand to learn from Europe’s most successful economy and their approach to internships, or praktika, to use the native term.

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