– 29th July 2014

Meet the team: Beth Walrond

Our first Issue Two contributor interview is with the recent Falmouth graduate

Having re-launched our talent posts last week with the playful magnificence of Brennan Bucannan, it seemed a good time to also bring back “Meet the team”. With Issue Two selling very quickly indeed, we’re going to try and introduce you to some of our newest contributors while you still have the opportunity to pick up a copy and see their work in the flesh.

This week, we would like you to meet Beth Walrond, one of our lavishly talented illustrators. Having found her via our Twitter follower list (yes, really) we were instantly sold on her style and she delivered two stunning pieces for the issue.

Beth Walrond for Intern Magazine

Beth Walrond for
Intern Magazine

So Beth, for those who haven’t picked up a copy of Issue Two yet, tell us a little bit about yourself… 

Well…. I have just finished my Illustration degree at Falmouth University, which was the most amazing three years. Since then I have started freelancing, and making some big life decisions, one of which is moving to Berlin in September, so planning that is taking up a lot of time at the moment. I spend a lot of time getting really over-excited about things, and I’m really bad at doing nothing.

Last of the Summer Wine, 2014

Last of the Summer Wine,

In the magazine, you illustrated the Making It in Germany feature written by Nick De Taranto, how did you find that as a brief?

Editorial illustration is always interesting because you get to learn in-depth information about a new subject matter. The Making It in Germany feature was particularly relevant to me as a just-about-to-graduate illustrator, and has probably subconsciously influenced my decision to move to Berlin!  It also came through whilst I was on my final year study trip to New York, so I got a bit of a taste as to what it is like to work on projects on the move. Plus it was my first editorial commission; so it certainly wasn’t boring!

Beth Walrond for Intern Magazine

Beth Walrond for
Intern Magazine

What can you tell us about your work placement at The AOI? I understand it was an experience that you look back on fondly. How did you cope with the practicalities of living and working in London? 

It was definitely one of my best experiences to date! I learnt so much, both at the placement and outside of it. It was unpaid, but I was fully aware of that when I applied for it.  I got by working around the placement for a catering recruitment agency, which was also really fun. I stayed with friends, and travelled everywhere by bike, so it taught me to be adaptable. Although I guess it contradicts my general feelings towards unpaid work, I would definitely do it again! The AOI are such a great organisation, and I don’t think I would be anywhere near as confident about a career in illustration had I not worked with them last summer.

Stop Trusting Yourself, 2014

Stop Trusting Yourself,

We were thrilled to see you interviewed by Hunger Magazine recently, how do you find that online exposure affects your career in the short-term? Do you get a swell of work off the back of coverage like that?

I’m not really sure how much it has directly generated me work. I’m always amazed at how many different platforms there are for people to discover your work, and being helped along with exposure like that is always so great. I also find that it makes me a little more confident in what I am doing, and encourages me to keep contacting people and pushing to get work.

The Great Gatsby, 2014

The Great Gatsby,

What have you been working on since Issue Two?

The Issue two brief came just before my final degree deadline, and degree shows in Falmouth and London, so that was a crazy couple of months. Since then I have been working on some commissioned editorials and a map project, as well as lots of personal work. I like to keep up the momentum with illustrating, and its really great to have some time to work on the long list of work that I didn’t have time to do during my degree. I have also started to re-teach myself German, which is proving an interesting challenge!

Barefoot Walk, 2014

Barefoot Walk,

Describe your ideal commission/job…

It would have to be illustrating a book for The Folio Society. They are just such beautiful printed items, it would be amazing! Aside from that, I would absolutely love to work in set design one day. I love the idea of being given some huge bits of wood and some brightly coloured paint, and being allowed to interpret a story in that way.


So that’s Beth! We have little doubt that she has a bright future ahead of her and wish her the very best on her adventure in Berlin. To keep up with her work or contact her about work (here’s looking at you The Folio Society), click the link below and visit her site.


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