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Silva Baum, Claudia Scheer and Lea Sievertsen of Notamuse photographed by Mina Aichhorn for Intern Magazine ©

Makers, not Muses

While studying together, Silva Baum, Lea Sievertsen and Claudia Scheer quickly noticed a severe lack of women in the curriculum and conferences they were being presented with. So they created a platform to showcase and learn from their role models.

Andres Colmenares and Lucy Black-Swan of IAM Internet photographed by Jan Phoenix for Intern Magazine ©

Everything is Connected

For Lucy Black-Swan and Andrés Colmenares of IAM, thinking about futures isn’t about finding answers, it’s about asking better questions. Ahead of their annual conference in Barcelona, Anna Dorothea Ker discovers what they’re turning their minds to next

Jack Turits photographed by Edith Young for Intern ©

The House That Jack Built

We talk about creative process with self-confessed 'obsessive', New York City-based filmmaker Jack Turits and discover why big isn't necessarily better

Natasha Arselan of AucArt photographed by Clara Nebeling for Intern ©

Art for All

Sai Villafuerte meets Natasha Arselan of AucArt to learn how she plans to make the art market accessible for student and graduate artists

Hygge, But Louder

Siobhan Leddy meets Culture Works to see what drives the youthful agency who devise and deliver events around the world that bring creative people together

Photograph by Sophie Lee for Intern Magazine, 2017 ©

Paddle Against the Flow

We meet the creative team at sustainable outdoors brand Millican to find out how their lifestyle, work ethic and company values challenge convention

Photograph by Lauren Macabee for Intern

A Dirty Word

Aries Moross always pays interns and has little time for those who don't. Alex Hacillo and Lauren Maccabee visited Studio Moross to discuss their stance

Rising Tide

Gripped by four years of financial crisis, Portugal became a challenging environment for young people looking to start their careers, but in Porto, a new creative community is turning adversity into opportunity

The Extra Spice

With a two year waiting list for internships, Billie Josephson and Per Björklund investigate why SNASK is the dream destination for many young creatives

Photograph by Lauren Maccabee

Everyone is Creative

Having developed a workflow that makes everyone central to the creative process, The Pop Up Agency travel around the world to share their philosophy

Illustration by Aurélie Garnier

Run the World (Women)

Gabe Rosenberg tells the story of two remarkable young women studying in Chicago who prove that not all internships are created equal

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